What’s New at Susu Tech ?

Hi there! You might even already noticed a lot of changes coming to the whole Susu Tech. system in different ways and forms… Yes. Here at Susu Tech., while the Holidays are so important and we wish we could also enjoy it, our developers including the whole staff have been working around the clock to make numerous changes to the entire system to better serve you. These changes includes, but not limited to…

1- SECURITY. We value our customers and their clients security and will never take it lightly, therefore we have been working hard to really tighten our systems security measures with multiple security layers, which we cannot unveil on here for security reasons.

2- CUSTOMER SUPPORT. We just launched a new customer support center and still working on it to better serve our kings and queens, who are our customers. You deserve a great support to achieve your expected end, business and organization goal, and we don’t take that lighly. So if you need support, remember the support center has been moved here and we are adding more articles and tutorials continually https://susutech.com/help/

3- USER INTERFACE (UI). We are working hard to release a very smooth and direct to point (easy access) user interface to enable customers or users of our systems to easily locate, set up, and manage their products or services.

4- MORE NEEDED PRODUCTS AND SERVICES. For the past few years there have been a need and quest for more services and products. Don’t worry. After all is done, Susu Tech. is going to be a real and fully loaded “All-In-One Website Solutions” center.

There are more to share, but we will continue updating you on the many exciting things to come.

We wish you a happy and successful New Year 2016!!!!

Yours Truly,

The Susu Tech. Team