How to Create A Website

Why WordPress?

The recent data which came from W3Techs about measures, usage and market share, “WordPress is used by 58.7% of all the websites whose content management system we know. This is 25.0% of all websites.” While these numbers naturally fluctuate during the month, the general trend for WordPress has been slow but steady growth over the past years.

At this point, there are no better and easier ways; especially for beginners in web design/ development to build a website than using WordPress. Additionally, it’s to be noted that…

1. It’s totally Free, with thousands of themes and plugins to choose and use.

WordPress is free. The usage of the WordPress’ Content Management System it self is FREE! It doesn’t cost a  to download and install it, and there’s a large community who have great and beautiful themes and templates, making it easy to design/ develop a website very quickly. The advantages are endless.

2. It’s Very Simple and Easy Way to Start Creating Website

If you know how to use any Word Editors, such as Microsoft Word.., then you can easily know how add your own content. WordPress can be expanded with free plugins or extensions to create just about any site you want. From a basic business website to blog, social networking and many other dynamic websites. With plugins/ extensions you will be able to add all the necessary functionalities you need in your website: Contact forms, maps, subscription forms, image and video galleries and so on.

3. WordPress Can Handle Small, Big, Basic and Dynamic Websites

WordPress is powerful enough to handle basic websites, blogs, business websites, online stores and even large and dynamic or advanced website. WordPress can handle just about any kind of website. WordPress is used by some of the leading online businesses/ companies such as eBay, Mozilla, Reuters, CNN, Google Ventures, and even NASA and FaceBook are using WordPress in some of their sites creations.

4. WordPress Is Responsive (It works on mobiles & tablets devices as well)

One the nice things about the WordPress Content Management System is that it’s responsive! It’s mobile friendly! Your users will enjoy a mobile layout if they access your website with their mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets… No need to spend money on a mobile app if is not something that your website really needs.

5. WordPress Has A Very Large Community Support

There are so many individuals, companies and organizations using WordPress, including beginners in web solutions, advanced web designer/ developers or Webmasters, Bloggers, Theme developers and Plugin creators, it’s easy to find very easy to get help from the WordPress community should you run into difficulties with the creation of your website. Finding a solution or help on a particular WordPress issue is just a click away on the internet. You can find free resources available on Youtube, WordPress Forum and many other learning/ training websites.