How Long Does it Take For Hosting Account to be Activated?

Hosting Accounts activation depends on the type of hosting or server service you’re purchasing. Below find how long it takes for the different types of hosting or server services to be activated.


Typically, as soon as your hosting service/ plan purchase is successful, your service becomes active automatically in a few minutes. The package is created on the server right after the order is completed and and aconfirmation and welcome email notification is sent to your email address on the account with your hosting account login credentials.

In some cases, when you add a reseller package (dedicated IP, private nameservers etc…), our staff will have to set them up manually and send send you the information regarding those special orders after a few hours, usually 2 to 6 hours.


We try our best to protect our existing customers and internet users in general therefore, we have put system and manual verification procedures in place to verify the ligitimacy of every incoming customer. In effect, if this is your first order, a team member will contact you to verify the order with some details. As soon as your account is verified your service becomes active. But if the system does not raise any red flag and verification is not required, your sever becomes active immediately after placing the order and is setup automatically approximately within 2 hours. Note: Even if you receive the welcome and activation confirmation email immediately, we suggest you wait a couple of hours before to start working on your server or project, because VPS with cPanel additional time is required for cPanel/WHM to configure all its services on a virtual server/ machine.

Note that if you order a full managed VPS service, the setuptime may take up to 4 hours for our technical support team and server managers to configure your VPS manually and get it ready for you.


Our dedicated servers activation procedure and duration are identical to our VPS’. The verification procedure is just the same as VPS’. For our existing customers safety, we reserve the right to request additional information should that be needed before activation your dedicated server service. Therefore, you might experience a little delay, which in some cases don’t happen. A team member may contact you with a few verification questions.

As we do our best to speed up the activation procedure or dedicated server services, keep in mind also that the type of  OS (Operational System) and Server plan you purchase migh influence the activation time. Often, all dedicated servers which run CentOS are activated within four hours after the order has been placed. In case you have ordered a server with full management or the server which runs the other OS, the account’s activation may take up to 24 hours. We will always notify you when your server is ready for you to use. However, if you don’t receive any notifications regarding your server’s purchase and status, please contact us as soon as possible.

Should you need any additional information about this subject, you search the help center for related articles or contact us without hesitation. Thank you!