How to Add New Domain to Hosting Account

You can add a new domain name to your hosting account in a few steps. So let’s see how you can get that done. But one important thing we need to make sure is done before adding a domain name to a hosting account is changing or updating the domain nameservers and IP address as this tells or points the domain name to the right server or hosting. If you don’t know how to update your domain name nameservers, refer to the article “Updating or Changing Nameservers”. So in order not to forget that, let’s mention it as the first step…

1. Add the new domain as Addon Domain:

  • First login to cPanel. If you don’t know how to login or access your cPanel, search and refer to the article “How to Login or Access cPanel” in the help center.
  • Go to the “DOMAINS” section and click on “Addon Domains”.

addon domain section cpanel121715

  • Now fill out the fields with necessary information (Subdomain/Ftp Username and Document Root fields will be filled out automatically).

addon domain form screeshot121715

  • Click on the Add Domain button.

That’s it! You have added a domain to your hosting account. You can now start uploading your website files to publish and go live. If you choose to use any of the built-in website builders or applications, you can begin the installation.

Should you need more information about this subject, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.