Nameservers Setup for Shared Hosting

If you have any of our shared hosting plans, you can point your domain name to our nameservers and . If the domain is registered with Susu Tech, you can change the nameservers in your Susu Tech account.

Log in to your Susu Tech account and go to Domain List.
Click on Manage next to the domain you want to update the nameservers for.
Select Susu Tech Shared Hosting next to Nameservers and save changes

If your domain is registrated with Godaddy, search for the article “How to Update My Nameservers With Godaddy” or go here Godaddy Help

If you have Reseller plan, you can use either shared reseller nameservers or your personal nameservers. You can look up shared reseller nameservers in your Hosting Welcome Email. Personal nameservers need to be registered and set up first.

If your domain is registered with another domain registrar, you will need to get the correct nameservers from us and then configure the DNS on their end.

Don’t panic when your website goes offline after changing or updating the nameservers. It’s normal. Your website most likely will not be available. In most cases the propagation period can take up to 24 hours. However, in some rare cases it could take up to 72 hours since the caching time varies between ISPs.

Is there any tricks or tips to speed up the propagation period? Unfortunately no. This process cannot be controled or speed up because it is an automatic process. But the good news is that you can use online proxies to see your website. These tools are designed to pull up the websites through different ISPs so you can see your website live by bypassing all ISPs caches. Or you can just also view your website in a diffrent geographical area or part of the world. And below find a list of a few…