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A domain name uniquely identifies a website. Typing a domain name (also called a URL) into your web browser
allows you to visit that website. One unique domain name can be used as a company’s website
address and for its email addresses.

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Good For Commerce or Businesses


The .com is the “Top level domain for commerce” which has been in use for years. Get your .com today and stand out of the crowd.


Good For Organizations


The .org is the “Top level domain” for organization, and is most commonly used by organizations and non-profit entities.


Good For Network Services


The .net is the “Top level domain” for network, and is most commonly used by Internet service providers and Web-hosting companies.

Create With Domain

Create nice things with your domain name. Unleash your creative side by putting your ideas, business or organization online.

Forward or Redirect

Easily forward or redirect your supporters or customers to your Social Media pages, such as FaceBook, Twitter Instagram with your domain name.

Create Pro Emails

Create custom or business emails with your domain name and give your cause, organization or business that professional image.

Easy Management

Managing all your domains from your domain manager made easy. Update your DNS and create sub-domains with just a few clicks.


Create up to 100 subdomains (like or custom web addresses according to your need.


Domain crucial settings are monitored in real-time to make sure no intruder accesses your domain and you’re always up and running.

Domain Security

Individuals, businesses and organizations trust us with their domain name security. Your domain name is the entrance to your online home so protect it.

Many Extensions

Find your new favorite international, generic, or top-level domain with ease. Our domain search engine searches the web’s largest pool of names.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you may need answers to some quick questions in order to make the right quick decisions about your online endeavors. So we have made it available right here. Should you need further clarifications or support, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What's A Domain Name?

A domain name uniquely identifies a website. Typing a domain name (also called a URL) into your web browser allows you to visit that website. One unique domain name can be used as a company’s website address and for its email addresses. Domains are much more than just names typed into a web browser. Your domain name is how the world will think of you and your business. It’s part of your brand and your marketing plan. You can have multiple domains that each relate to some aspect of your business. A domain name can be easy to remember and help establish you on the web.

Anatomy of a Domain Name you most often see domains listed as or A domain consists of two main parts. Let’s use as an example: The first part, “buydomains” This is the unique part of the name. It represents your company or brand name. It is how you will be branded and known on the web. The last part is called the extension In our example it is “.com.” Other popular extensions are .net, and .org. Many people will automatically type in .com after any domain. Securing the other extensions can make sense for many people, as they help protect your brand throughout the web.

One of the good reasons to have a domain name is to have personalized email, either for your business or for personal reasons. An email is a unique address, followed by your domain name, such as “[email protected]” or “[email protected].” You can often create multiple email addresses for each domain you own, so that each member of your company has their own address.

Common extensions include: .COM — Abbreviation of “Commerce” — currently available to all .NET — Abbreviation of “Network” — currently available to all .ORG — Abbreviation of “Organization” — currently available to all .INFO — Abbreviation of “Information” — currently available to all .BIZ — Abbreviation of “Business” — currently available to all .GOV — Abbreviation of “Government” — reserved for government institutions .EDU — Abbreviation of “Education” — reserved for educational institutions. Click here to register you domain name now.

Do I Need A Domain to Create A Website?

Yes. Since your domain name is more like the address of your online home or business. It’s vital to register a domain name in order to easily direct people to your website. A domain name is your distinct identity on the internet. So you can use it to promote yourself, your brand, business or organization. For you, your business or brand to look professional, respectable and attractive online, you need a special domain name. People looking for your services or products can easily find you online if you have a great domain name .

Do You Help With Domain Search & Registration?

Yes. You can easily use our domain name search and registration tool to search and register your favorite found domain name. This includes domain name suggestions and alternatives to any domain you search . However, if you’re having difficulties or just want some assistance, our customer support team is available to help and guide you in the right direction to find and register the best domain name possible available for your personal or business use.

What If the Domain is Already Taken?

When a domain name search result show “Already Taken”, it means someone else has already registered it. But don’t be disappointed even when is already taken. There is still hope. There are other ways to try getting that domain name. You can try our special Domain Buy Service, where we negotiate acquiring the domain from its current owner. We also offer a Domain Backorder service, where you purchase a backorder credit to give you a chance to get the domain when it goes into auction.

Can I Register Any Domain Extension?

Most of the Top Level Domains are available for anyone to register. However, a few domain extensions have restrictions on them, which means you can only buy or register them if you, your company or organization meet certain criteria or have authorization. For example, .gov, .edu. and .mil. But again most extensions are available to anyone to buy or register. The good part is that most country code Top Level Domains or ccTLDs are available for anyone to buy or register.

Do You Have Any Tips On How to Get A Great Domain?

Good question. First, try to make your domain simple and short as possible; this will help people to easily remember it. Long domain names tend to be difficult for people to remember and pronounce. Secondly, it’s to be noted that, there is a limit to domain length, with the minimum being 1 character and the maximum being 63 characters. It’s advisable to make your domain name to precisely reflect your identity, business, organization or brand.

Keep It Private

Private Registration. Keep your private details, private. When you register a domain name, with any domain registrar, your personal information is displayed in a public directory. Hackers and spammers can use this to create email lists and steal domains. But, when you add Privacy Protection to your domains, we replace your name and contact details with our partner company’s. No one will see your name, address, email or phone number. But you still control your domain names and the right to sell, renew or transfer them. Sweet! Your domains are still 100% yours.